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A peaceful Christmas

pastorwittstarAre you hoping for a peaceful Christmas?

For many of us, it can be anything but! Peace is often associated with quiet, rest and relaxation, yet we spend hours traipsing around shops (or searching online) for Christmas gifts, and clock up countless miles driving up and down the country to visit family. Not to mention the day itself! Have you ever found yourself desperately yearning for just a moment’s peace?

Then there’s inner peace – something that can seem far away in our anxieties, whatever they may be. We can long for peace in our world, our country, our homes, our lives.

At Christmas, in Jesus, we celebrate the coming of one the bible refers to as the ‘Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9 verse 6). He is the one who offers us ultimate peace. Peace with God – for now and eternity! The peace Jesus brings is one which restores our broken relationship with God, making us children of God, and securing our eternity with Him!

The big message of the bible is how God’s perfect world has been messed up by our rejection of Him. We’re not naturally at peace with God. Yet, in His love for us and desire to restore that relationship, God sent His one and only Son into the world, to make things right. Jesus lived the perfect life, and paid the price on our behalf for our rejection – in his death on the cross. Through faith and trust in what Jesus has done – we can know true peace!

As a result of coming into this wonderful relationship with God we know the peace of having God’s Holy Spirit in our lives – secure in Jesus’ promise to be with us every day. This peace, the bible tells us, is so great it is actually beyond understanding!

Can we know peace amidst the turmoil of our lives? Yes!…through faith in Jesus, and handing over our anxieties to a God who knows all things, and who is in supreme control.

Do you have this peace in your life?

Take some time this Christmas to consider Jesus, and how through Him, the ‘Prince of Peace,’ you can know ultimate peace with God, and all the blessings that brings.

Everyone is welcome to join us at Wychwood Baptist Church this Christmas as we celebrate Jesus, and the peace He offers. Details of our events can be found here in the magazine, or on our website –

A very Happy Christmas from all of us at Wychwood Baptist Church.

Rev’d John Witts