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Thoughts of a new arrival

newarrivalawvMoving to a new location is always difficult, you don’t know anyone, you don’t know where the best walks are, or even the best pubs. It’s difficult no matter what age you are, but at 75 I know I was dreading the move.

However, I can honestly say that moving to Shipton has been the best move of my life. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming to this most amazing of villages. After living in a house with no central heating, double glazing or garden, I do feel that I’ve won the lottery!

Having a garden again was my biggest joy, and my biggest challenge. With stubborn determination I have tried to transform it to my ideal. Neighbours and locals passing by on their way to buy their papers have been keeping their eyes on my endeavours with interest, plus a few helpful comments and advice along the way. Many thanks to you all, and I look forward to Spring and what the garden will bring us!

Making friends has been easier than I ever thought, with my dog Sam helping me to break the ice with strangers. We all like to chat about our pets and let them socialise together, and my lovely neighbour who also is a dog owner, knows all the walks and places to go. Finding a friend when you are alone in a new environment is such a comfort and joy. I am now part of something more.

The heart of any village is the local shop, and having the shop so close is great because eventually everyone in the village will walk past my door. My alarm clock has now become obsolete as the cheery voices of the children going to school are now my wake-up call – well, after I turn over and have a few extra moments in bed…

My previous home was in Alvescot, and I lived there very happily for five years, a beautiful village and lovely people. I didn’t have a garden, which I dreadfully missed. My first acquisition in my new home was a bird table, which I love to sit and watch with my morning coffee – the starlings fighting and shrieking at each other, and the little blue tits and robins taking a quick nibble of the free food. Sam the dog rushes out of the back door to get to them but they are always too quick for him.

I hope I can spend the rest of my life here, watching the world go by and pottering in my garden. I can think of nothing better. Thank you Shipton, I’m finally home.


December 2017 – January 2018