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Lights, camera, action!

Percy 3rayHere in the Wychwoods we are lucky to have a variety of businesses. One resident of Milton has had his own business in Groves Yard for over 12 years. Percy Hickman is the owner of P.H.Upholstery. He has been in the trade for over 40 years starting at Wesley Barrell and then moving on to Parker Knoll. Later on, he decided to set up on his own and have a workshop in our lovely village. It is a hands-on trade, many of which are dying out. When people think of getting things upholstered, it is normally your two-seater sofa that the cats have scratched, or a dining room chair. However, recently Percy has found himself doing a variety of projects from a VW campervan to a horsebox, a train carriage to a speedboat. He now finds himself doing work for bigger companies rather than just the individual. He works for many interior designers and people will ask for his advice and expertise on the design of their room, not only their furniture.

With the current fashion for doing up old items, Percy has found himself busier than ever and is happy to offer his knowledge and skills to others, as he wants to keep the trade alive. However, little did he know that his skills were about to go nationwide!

In the summer, Percy received a different kind of enquiry, one from the TV programme Find it, fix it, flog it. The producers of the programme go and buy items, and then get them done up ready to sell. They asked Percy to be involved in the ‘doing it up’ process. One sunny morning (we had a couple!), they arrived in Milton with a battered sun lounger, a camera, and filming equipment. They wanted to film Mr Hickman showing off his skills, and creating an item worthy of selling and making a profit. Percy had to strip down the lounger to the basic frame, and reupholster it in their chosen fabric. During the filming they talked to Percy, asking him questions about his trade, what he was doing at different stages of the work and about the finished project.

The programme is due to be aired in the New Year. Please tune in to the Channel Four programme Find it, fix it, flog it and keep an eye out for our local businessman. If you would like any upholstery work done, then please pop in to see Percy at Unit 11, Groves Yard, Milton.

Katie Hickman

December 2017 – January 2018