Ode to a Christmas pilferer


The Wily Christmas ‘shopper’
Sidles through the door,
He’s left his money back at home,
What would he want that for?

Shuffling down the far aisle,
His thieving choice to make,
He slips into his poacher coat,
Two lovely Christmas cakes.

Alas for him you’re on your guard,
You’ve seen his sort before,
Lifting goodies and keeping cash,
And slipping out the door.

Confronted by his pilfer,
Ashamed is what he’s not,
But what you threaten terrifies,
An awful, awful lot.

“You see this fairy on a stick
You see the stick’s quite long,
If you don’t pay for cakes, my dear,
I’ll (creative readers of the magazine can supply the last line!)

R.P. Hill

December 2017 – January 2018