Wychwood Tennis Club

The Tennis Club hosted a Tie Break Tens charity tournament to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Karen Purvis arranged the event, choosing a cause, which has been sadly close to our hearts in recent years.

The Tie Break Tens format is to have short matches, with the first pair to ten points winning. It proved highly competitive, lots of fun and – with 44 players – very lively! Craig Ogden was on hand with his camera to capture all our most glorious shots (plus a few we wish he hadn’t caught).

Karen also cleverly tapped into our other great enthusiasm – cakes, perfect for refuelling between matches. Caution: too much refuelling can affect the quality of your tennis …

There was also a raffle, with prizes very kindly donated by several generous donors.

Tournament winners were Simon Taylor and Helen Hoffmann, with a hotly contested final against Rob Whitehouse and Marian Gillet.

A big thank you to everyone who took part and those who donated though they couldn’t be there. An especially big thank you to Karen for arranging such a great event. The final amount raised was £740.

Tracy Traynor

December 2017 – January 2018