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St Simon and St Jude’s church

beneficepathBenefice Path
Hopefully by the time you read this, the path to the Benefice Rooms in Milton will have been replaced with something safer. Over the past few winters the path has become very slippery and there have been one or two slips on it.

The Parish Council has decided to replace the slabs with a ‘grid’ path, which will have a golden flint stone inlay; the nearest we could get to a Cotswold colour. This is easy to walk on and will take the weight of any wheel chair, at the same time allowing rainwater to drain directly through. Because the stone is held in place by a plastic grid it will not migrate away from the path as a compacted gravel path might. Possibly the only thing it is not suitable for is stiletto heels, so ‘wearer beware’.

Church Wall
The church boundary wall running along the pavement has been getting steadily worse over the years. There is a significant bulge at the North end near the water tap and its stability at various points along its length is becoming dubious. The lychgate though is fine. The Parish Council has taken advice and decided that over the next couple of years the wall will be rebuilt. We are starting negotiations with the Diocese, as it is ‘Faculty Listed,’ with WODC and contractors. Hopefully with permissions in place, work can begin in Spring/Summer 2018.

Chris Trotman

October – November 2017