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The gardeners’ harvest

gardenersharvestNow, I understand that my reader was nonplussed because last edition’s MUWAGA article included a real photo, and featured an uncharacteristically philosophical style. Relax, it is OK, all that is behind me now. This time I am pre-occupied by the Produce Show.

I was concerned that the weather had been tricky for the exhibitors; it had not been a normal summer. But, as usual, they proved me wrong with the number of vegetable and fruit exhibits quite a bit higher than last year. This made the competition harder for yours truly, whose indignity was heightened in defeat by a certain lady close to me who keeps reminding me just in case it slips my mind! Tension grew in the lead-up; on the Tuesday beforehand we only had two entries but by the end of Thursday, when entries closed, it had risen to 290 and we had a Show – and I started breathing again. We constantly review and this year we introduced a beverage class for a bit of fun and to see if there was any interest; there was. Even the editor entered his Blackcurrant Champagne, which had the appearance of a bomb about to explode and could certainly be described as lively. Of course, I must point out that any connection between the editor and strong drink is entirely coincidental.

I would like to congratulate all our winners – those awarded a 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd in their class richly deserve it. But it is not all about winning; what I really like is the friendly and supportive atmosphere and a sense of fun, win or lose, because without all the entrants and the amazing contribution made by our committee of volunteers, we would not have a show, and I
do believe that would be a real loss to the community.

Now looking to the future, I always find it slightly alarming to report on events in August and
then look forward to things coming up in October and beyond when you get to read it. It makes winter appear to be just round the corner. However, there is plenty to look forward to in the MUWAGA calendar. Our 2017/18 season of speaker events is now well underway and on 25 th October the talk is by Dorothy Pavey who will be speaking on Waysides and Borders – An Artist’s Inspiration, and on 22 nd November Andrew Tollman will speak on Topiary and Ornamental Hedges. There is no talk in December – you need to concentrate on Christmas! All talks are in Milton Village Hall and start at 7:30 p.m. Members and non-members are welcome and I look forward to seeing you.

Happy gardening.

Tony Lewis

October – November 2017