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Summer Reading Challenge

This summer there’s something peculiar happening at Wychwood Library – it is the annual Summer Reading Challenge with the theme of “Animal Agents”, illustrated by the UK’s best-selling children’s illustrator Tony Ross!
From solving the case of the graffiti writing to the strange case of a missing lunch, children will join in the fun with the Animal Agents by reading along. As children read library books on the Summer Reading Challenge, they will receive a host of stickers, some with mysterious smells. By collecting these clues in their detective folder, young readers will help the Animal Agents find out what’s really been going on behind the scenes!
The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to read six books during the long summer holiday. Children can read whatever they like – fact books, joke books, picture books, audio books – just as long as they are borrowed from the library.
Children receive special rewards each time they finish a book and there’s a certificate for everyone who completes the Challenge.
The Summer Reading Challenge is open to all primary school aged children and is designed for all reading abilities.
We look forward to seeing you all at Wychwood Library this summer.
Look out for flowers and plants for sale on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

June – July 2017