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Summer term at Burford School

Burford SchoolNot a moment to spare.

There is a common misconception that the Summer Term is one in which schools kick back and unwind a little. It’s true that students taking public exams leave in May, only returning to sit their exams, but the remaining students always seem to be on trips, expeditions, residentials and work experience. School, you might think, is quiet and relaxed. Don’t be fooled!
No sooner do the older years set off on study leave than in through the doors come the primary students, and the silence of exams is peppered with the whoops and shrieks of Years 5 and 6 discovering what life will be like at secondary school. We hold two days of Year 5 visits in order to accommodate all those who want to come and have a taste of Burford School life. They have a variety of subjects lessons, eat lunch at 1.00 – not 12.00 (very difficult for some little tummies), meet other Year 5s, explore ‘The Acre’, learn about all the clubs and activities on offer (looking after the animals on ‘The Acre’ being one) and get stuck into Art, DT, Engineering and Domestic Science – leaving with something to keep or to munch on the bus home.
Year 6 students joining us in Year 7 spend two days meeting all those in their future year group for the first time. This can be quite daunting when the scale of change begins to dawn on them. Some come with confidence, having been visitors to the school since Year 2, others from non-partnership schools have a bigger leap to make, and for these students we hold an Orientation Day as well as welcoming them to the Induction Days. In this way they discover there are lots of other children in their situation, and realise that coming from outside catchment or from a private school is not unusual.
Careful planning, orchestration, paperwork, risk assessments, permissions etc etc go into the success of every visit, trip and residential which takes place each term. This is a mammoth task, but one that we feel is more than made up for by the learning experience each one provides – from subject knowledge to camaraderie, confidence to personal growth.
So, quiet and relaxed our summer term may appear to the casual observer but beneath the surface, rest assured, the work goes on!

Sarah Duckworth
Press & Publicity Officer

June – July 2017