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Are you an exhibitionist?

muwagastock2Of course, I am not thinking of the sort of exhibitionist who streaks at the next Shipton cricket match, but rather those who want to enter the MUWAGA Produce Show on Saturday 26th August. We thought it would be useful to give a few pointers to those of you thinking of giving it a go for the first time – and a reminder for all the rest of us. This is not a national show, and we are not professionals, so there is no need to feel overawed. You will find it is a friendly contest and there is a lot of satisfaction in getting a good result. There is a wide range of classes including: vegetables, flowers, jams and preserves, baking and photography plus classes for children of all ages.

Most classes in the show are unchanged but the specific topics that are useful to know for this year are:
Flower Arranging: A foliage arrangement, a decorated hat, a centerpiece for a kitchen table and ‘Simply Red and Green’ (men only).
Photography: Garden structures, reflections and shadows, close up of fruit and vegetables.
Cookery: Cheese scones, carrot cake, Bakewell tart.
Children Under 9: A glittery collage, floating flowers, drawing of the seaside, 4 cornflake cakes, a pizza face.
Children 9-15: Something I have grown myself, homemade sweets, a snake on a plate, a vehicle made of biscuits and sweets.
Children under 5: A print using hands and feet.
For All Children: Garden in a seed tray.
NEW CLASS FOR 2017: any sort of homemade beverage.
If you need any further information please feel free to contact me or any Committee member. You do not have to be a MUWAGA member to enter, so why not give it a go?

Some general tips that could be helpful are:

  • Read the show schedule carefully – put in the correct number of items (this is the most common mistake)
  • Soft and hard fruits, French beans, runner beans, peas and tomatoes need some stalk attached
  • A set of evenly sized exhibits can be better than the largest (except where large are asked for)
  • Cover all food. Label jam, jelly and chutney with date and type
  • Use cellophane and waxed discs for jams/marmalade/jelly
  • Screw tops only for chutney

What is occurring?
Our recent meetings have featured excellent talks on geraniums and buddleias, so now I look forward to seeing you at the Milton Fete on 1st July and then admire your flood of entries for the Produce Show on 26th August, held in Milton Village Hall. Doors open for public viewing at 2 p.m.
Happy gardening

Tony Lewis

June – July 2017