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Wychwood Primary School: spring topics and Forest School

Primary education is not what it used to be!

where the Wild things areOur youngest children in Foundation Stage were excited to learn about dinosaurs; they were looking at their skeletons and wrote some information books, poems and stories. The children have also been enjoying Forest School; activities include looking at the nature in our pond area, making mini-beast hotels, shelter-building, and building and lighting fires with sessions finished off supping a hot chocolate. Thanks to the parents who come along and help for these sessions.

Our infants have been studying outer space. They were reading a range of interesting texts from information books about Neil Armstrong to picture books written by astronaut Chris Hadfield, and used these texts to describe aliens, create rhyming sentences, write reports, describe a day on the moon and create information books. They learnt about the history of space exploration and living in space on the International Space Station. They created their own moving animation videos making stories about escaping from aliens and asteroids. We also had a Space Dome visit the school. The ceiling of the dome is turned into the night sky and a presentation about space is shown to the children.

The 7-9 year olds have been learning about World War Two through their topic We’ll Meet Again, studying the book The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes. They explored the lives of evacuee children during the war, writing poetry and diary entries about what they would have experienced. They also went to Swindon Railway Museum; here they got to hear the sounds of the air raid siren, re-enact the experience of being on the railway platform as an evacuee, and look at a selection of homemade toys from that time. We would like to thank grandparents who came and gave talks to classes about their own experiences of being an evacuee.

Our oldest children had a topic called What was life like for the ancient Greeks? They studied a period of history that still has a great influence on our lives today, looking at a society that valued learning, exploration and democracy. They also looked at the differences between the Spartans and the Athenians, their warfare and the daily life for a family in ancient Greece.

Spelling is a challenge! Our weekly ‘spelling bee’ has certainly produced good results with Tayler Shanto, Lillian Marshall and Erin Winter topping the charts.

April – May 2017