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Pastoral care is at the heart of who we are as a church; Anne and Kate, our ministers, do a magnificent job of being alongside those who call upon them. We are so fortunate in the Wychwoods to live in communities that really do look out for one another and most of us do this quite naturally. However, we recognise that there is more we can do as a church to support this work, and we also recognise there is always a need for ‘listening ears’ and a caring word. So we have attracted a group of people who can be called upon when asked, to show care to those who may be pleased to receive a call.

Communities are constantly changing, with families coming and going and periods of ill-health, loss and ageing part of life. Many have good support around them, but some not so much, and we hope to ensure that we can be approached to be alongside if asked. If you know someone who you think might appreciate a call from a member of our group of friends, maybe you could ask them if they would like to hear from us. If so, then as co-ordinator, I could offer one of our group the opportunity to make the call. Our motivation is really about reflecting the love of God, but our purpose is to do this in a practical way, and extend this care to all.

Elaine Russell-Jarvie, Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator
Tel: 01993 831610  Mob: 07939 510788

April – May 2017