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Medical Detection Dogs news

medicaldetectiondogWe would like to take this opportunity in the first magazine of 2017, to thank all our local supporters for their help and interest. We have found that, though still a small charity, Medical Detection Dogs is slowly becoming known for its work, both locally and nationally, thanks to more publicity in the press and on TV.
It has certainly helped our Oxon & Cotswold volunteer group to raise our best ever annual total of £22,269.
The team at the Milton Co-op has chosen us as their local charity partner for 2016 and this year; we have already received over £400 from the ‘plastic bag’ money, and we have to thank the staff and everyone who puts their change into our collecting boxes by the tills. We hope to give you a grand total soon.
We also have support from the staff at Groves’ shop. As well as keeping our collecting box on the counter, they have a box for collecting your used printer cartridges. Also, Matthews Mill has consistently helped us for years with donations of flour for making dog biscuits, and with raffle prizes.
Puppies in our group are Isla, with Mary at Shipton, Winston, with Debbie at Eynsham, and Charlie with Michael at Ducklington; a gang of Labradors. They are all doing well at their classes, and can be seen around the shops and cafes and on public transport in their red jackets. Our local working Medical Alert Dog in Milton, is Willow, the nut detection dog, with partner Tara who has a severe airborne nut allergy. T ara is only able to go into town safely because Willow is by her side to alert her when there are nuts in the vicinity.
The money we raise supports the cancer detection team as well as Medical Alert dogs, and also now a team of dogs is being trained to detect malaria parasite carriers, funded by Bill Gates’s charity.
Our group of volunteers rounded off 2016 with a donation of £2,600 from the Windrush Club in Witney, plus an anonymous £1000 donation, and started the New Year with a charity day on the toll bridge at Eynsham, bringing in over £1,000.
You are helping save lives by supporting these wonderful dogs. Thank you all for your help and interest.

For talks and local events contact Heather 01993 831909 or
For information about the charity, go to

February – March 2017