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A ten year old meets his musical hero

Izaak and BumblefootThis was the first time I would meet international rock star, Bumblefoot and I felt excited. I hoped I would get his autograph and play on stage with him. As a band, we practised every Sunday for 1½ hours in the lead up to him coming. As a drummer I felt quite nervous that I would be playing on stage with a rock legend. We practised as normal on the Sunday and went to school on the Monday. Mum picked my sister Summer, and me up from school in a rush. We raced through the door at home, I ran up stairs and got changed straight away, while mum prepared a very quick dinner. We got back in the car and set off, eating our dinner from our laps as we went. It was really exciting.

Dad had told us he would be at the hall by the time we finished school and so I was really excited by now. Summer and I went straight to the Rock Room where Bumblefoot was. I felt nervous because he was actually there! I went to dad who introduced me, and Bumblefoot and I shook hands. There were people interviewing him and so it was very busy, but he was really nice to me.

Bumblefoot started taking questions from everyone in the hall. He was really nice and took lots of time to make sure he answered them properly. I thought about asking what Bumblefoot thought about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and who he thought would be the president of America but I decided not to.

Our band was up first. The hall was full and I sat down at the drums. Bumblefoot took his place as well. It was really good having Bumblefoot on stage with us. We told him what the chords were and he jammed it out with us! He played with all of the rock project bands; he was really clever because he found all of the chords and notes without practising.

After the bands had finished, Bumblefoot let everyone have their picture taken with him and get his autograph. I had my picture taken twice, one with my band and then another with Summer and dad. Bumblefoot signed my drumsticks and my guitar which was awesome.

I was tired but it had been a cool night.

Izaak Wyatt-Buchan

February – March 2017