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Thank you, Christine

ChristineHallidayIn the last issue of the Wychwood Magazine, Christine Halliday announced that she was stepping down from her role as editor after fourteen years; those fourteen years mark a wonderful progression in the magazine. From a largely manual process, there has been a technological revolution in the way the magazine is produced, a revolution that would have floored lesser mortals. She would be the first to protest that production was always a team effort, it was never all her own work; far from it. But essentially, for fourteen years, as the saying goes, ‘The buck stops here’.
Whilst adaptation did not come naturally, and required tremendous hard work and dedication, Christine embraced this progression in technology. Her long-suffering husband was right when he questioned her sanity over the decision to take over the editor’s role in 2002. But there was no flinching – well, she may very well have done, but she didn’t let it show. The old scenario of a swan’s sedate progress across the lake concealing rapidly paddling feet under the surface was often true for her, so often did she appear calm in the midst of storms.
A quick look at how the magazine has progressed illustrates her contribution: more pages, colour photography, a greater variety of formats on each page and, perhaps most significantly and most reflective of her encouraging attitude, a wider range of articles, so that there is always something to suit every taste. ‘Encouraging’ is a totally appropriate word to apply to her, for without her encouragement to a broad range of contributors, the diversity of the magazine would not have been possible.
And it is this encouragement that has enabled the virtually seamless transition to the new editorial team. Since we took over over the mantle, Christine has always been at the end of the phone to listen first and then to offer advice to us newcomers; we are buoyed by the knowledge that Christine’s wisdom and support will always be available as we come to terms with her legacy. We have a lot to live up to but, inspired by her great example, we feel confident that we can continue to deliver a high quality magazine to our communities; from all three of us – THANK YOU, CHRISTINE!

Bob Forster, Sarah and Glynn Allcock

P.S. And to prove that it is not just the editorial team that thinks along these lines, chairman Peter Hills added the following:
‘The chairman and all the Wychwood Magazine committee members have said how much they will miss her kindly and wise counsel and that it has been a privilege to work with her and to witness what volunteering in the Wychwoods really means.’

February – March 2017