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Latest issue: February – March 2017


We had been warned. The February/March issue of the Wychwood Magazine is, apparently, the worst to compile because the writing has to be done in December when minds are on other things. As a new editorial team, therefore, we were prepared for the worst.
But the prophets of doom were wrong. Thanks to a great bunch of writers and contributors, a wonderful range of items was sent in for consideration, so much so that not every item could be included in this issue. We were spoiled for choice. As well as the regular and gratefully received articles from contributors such as our schools and library, there is a fascinating range of features; from the Paralympics in Rio to the soul singer from Milton; from the roaming of a campervan to a young lad’s meeting with his rock star hero; and from a local sculptor to a giant of the golden era of British engineering. Yes, it is all here in this issue of your magazine.
We cannot pretend to be a news magazine; news goes out of date too quickly for a bi-monthly magazine. Instead, we are a features magazine and the range of those features is down to all our contributors. Look around you to the people and places of the Wychwoods and, if those things inspire you, why not write about it for us?
We look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Thank you Christine:  A tribute to our outgoing editor
The new team: Introduction to the new editorial team
Never too old to party: Fun time for all at the Paddocks Christmas party
A pair of bright sparks: The story of the Rawlins brothers
Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime: Review of the latest Wychwood Players comedy
Know your Wychwoods: A quiz to test your local knowledge
Escaping from the pit: News from the Wychwood School
Local business get a kick start: New training company in the Wychwoods
A lady of talent: The varied skills of Pat Bannister
Pretty as a picture: More tips to help with your photography
Burford School: Latest news
The early gardener: The latest from MUWAGA
Idbury’s link to the Forth Bridge: The story of Sir Benjamin Baker
Talking turkey: Mike Hartley
Izaac & Bumblefoot: A ten year old meets his musical hero
Winter wander winter wonder: A local walk round the Wychwoods
Medical Detection Dogs: News update
The world on wheels: Travels in a campervan
Jeremy Spencer: Obituary
The Rio Paralympics: A view from ground level
Live for the living, care for the dead: The churchyards of St Mary the Virgin
Step up for Alex: Can you help?
Rhythm and blues light up Milton: PP Arnold’s local connection

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